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Mexican tattoo artist with 10 yrs experience, still looking after a unique style highly influenced by a mix of the old school styles and the new schools.

I’ve never been one to do anything the “traditional” way, and I’d say the same about my tattooing. What began as a pandemic hobby and a party trick for my friends, tattooing quickly became the driving force in my life.

A colour enthusiast, tattooing since 2016.rnI create my own style combining neo traditional, illustrative, abstract and watercolour

Hi I’m Dasha. I’m an artist with a 3yr experience specializing in black and grey, pepper shading, semi-realism work. Please check out my instagram @sleepysometimes.ink to see my work and check out some flash.

Jenna Mallett is an indigenous artist becoming well known for her style of flowers inspired by beadwork and woodlands art. Her unique culturally rich style has drawn clients from all over Canada to come be tattooed by her . Book with her now!