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Hi! I’m MJ - I’m a self taught artist who has been creating for as long as I can remember. I have a passion for all things creepy and spooky. I would describe my art style as dark and feminine. One of my favourite things to design are tarot cards and lady faces. I am continuing to explore different styles and mediums while expanding my craft.

Ilena Demos is a Self taught artist who’s been in the game for 2 years and enjoys working in a variety of styles. Her bubbly outgoing personality will ensure you have a blast during your session with her!

Hi there! I'm a junior artist working at Odin's Eye. My interests are animals, witchy things, and all things related to creepiness and death. I plan on continuing to improve my craft for many decades to come. I have so much respect for Tattooing and how far it has come. I can not wait to see where it will go.

I’ve never been one to do anything the “traditional” way, and I’d say the same about my tattooing. What began as a pandemic hobby and a party trick for my friends, tattooing quickly became the driving force in my life.

26 year old Tattoo artist from Colombia South America based in Hamilton Ontario. Specializing in black and grey fine line. Looking to improve every day and show the world my fine line illustrative tattoos!

My name is Mila. I have been drawing since childhood in graphics, which determined my direction in tattooing. I graduated from art school and then got an art education in college. I became interested in tattooing after I visited the tattoo festival in 2017. And since then I have been doing tattoos, first as a hobby, now as my main activity. I work in the technique of microrealism and whipshading.

My name is Viktoriia (foxy_tattoo), I am a tattoo artist with 6 years of experience.rnrnMy style is black and gray graphics. I love mystical animals, so this is my main direction of ​​work. Show me any creature and part of the body on which you want a tattoo and I will draw your ideal design. 🙌🏻 I also draw designs of any animals/insects, as well as heroes of myths and legends. 🫶🏻rnrnI always try to place a tattoo beautifully on the body so that it looks as organic as possible and fits into the muscle lines. rnrn I will be glad to see you at my session.🦊

My name is Natalia and I am from Ukraine! I have 5 years of experience in tattooing and university degree in graphic design. I prefer style of graphics, linework, realism and mini tattoos. You more than welcome to make a tattoo for you!

Arnel is a Licensed Scalp Micropigmentation SMP Practitioner providing Hair Loss Treatment in the form of Para-medical Tattooing based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. MOLAVE AESTHETICS is Winnipeg's Scalp Micropigmentation SMP expert. We provide the most unique SMP treatment to stay true to our mission, Create Natural looking results. We treat hair loss seriously, and our approach is simple ... create Subtle, Age Appropriate, and Natural looking SMP without drastically changing your appearance. Most importantly, we want our clients to improve their confidence, regain self-esteem, and maintain a healthy well being.

I am from Winnipeg and I have been tattooing all my life. My dad sent me a tattoo machine one day and I’ve been doing them ever since.