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Hi Jon Sankar here!I enjoy tattooing realistic tattoos and American/neo traditional style tattoos!

I am from Winnipeg and I have been tattooing all my life. My dad sent me a tattoo machine one day and I’ve been doing them ever since.

Hello, my name is Igor. I'm from Ukraine. I graduated from the Kharkov Pedagogical University named after Skovoroda with a degree in advertising design. After completing my education, I discovered my passion for tattooing and decided to make it my career. Over the past 11 years, I have honed in on my craft by combining my design experience with my artistic vision to create unique and meaningful tattoos for my clients. My background in advertising design gives me a unique perspective on composition, color, and visual storytelling that makes my work in the tattoo industry stand I also love fixing up old tattoos. Correcting what a person no longer likes and giving them an emotion that is difficult to find elsewhere is not an easy task.

I’m from Germany and have been living in Canada since 2019. I started tattooing in 2011 and owned my own tattoo studio “TheArt OfPain Tattoo” until immigration. I am very happy to have found my new “home” at “Odin’s Eye Tattoo”. My favorite style is Portrait, Realistic in Black and Gray. But I also really enjoy Coverup and Color. I’m really looking forward to new projects and challenges! See you soon!