Equipment Rental

Enhance your tattooing experience with our top-notch equipment available for rent. We offer high-quality essentials to ensure you have everything you need for a seamless tattooing process.

Massage Beds


for the Weekend

Immerse your clients in comfort with our premium massage beds. Designed for both relaxation and functionality, these beds provide the perfect canvas for your artistic expressions. Rent one for the weekend and elevate your tattooing space.

Tattoo Arm Rest


for the Weekend

Achieve precision and comfort during your tattoo sessions with our adjustable tattoo arm rests. Tailor the support to your client’s needs and your artistic requirements. Rent a tattoo arm rest for the weekend and take your work to the next level.

LED Tattoo Light


for the Weekend

Illuminate your artwork with clarity using our LED tattoo lights. Ensure optimal visibility and showcase every detail of your creative process. Rent a LED tattoo light for the weekend to enhance your workspace and bring your designs to life.

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Tattoo Equipment Rental

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